About Us


McCann Chaff Mill Pty Ltd is a family business owned and run by John and Joanne McCann. Located near Grenfell in Central Western NSW, McCann Chaff Mill has been producing chaff for over 20 years. Wheat, oats and lucerne crops are grown on the family property to supply the hay for the mill. Our range of chaff products is distributed to produce stores throughout New South Wales and Queensland.


The use of fully sealed, recyclable plastic bags ensures that the quality of the chaff is preserved and its freshness maintained at all times. Extensive testing has demonstrated that the quality of chaff is preserved, even under hot and humid conditions. Sealed bags prevent the chaff from absorbing air and moisture and therefore helps preserve the quality and nutritional value of the feed.

A fully automated bagging machine is used allowing the chaff to be bagged to a uniform weight and size which, along with the condensed nature of chaff, enables ease of transport and storage.

All chaff processed through McCann Chaff Mill is triple sieved. Research shows that the dust from feed is a major contributing factor to respiratory disease in performance horses. With its low dust content, McCann Chaff Mill chaff is less likely to cause respiratory problems. Of course, low dust levels also make handling and feeding more enjoyable.