Wood Shavings

McCann wood shavings are sourced from untreated, kiln-dried pine and so has a very high absorbency rate. This makes it ideal for use as a bedding litter for horses, poultry, calves and in other animal enclosures. 

This is a high-grade product which has been triple-sieved to remove harmful dusts and smaller wood shavings, helping to reduce the incidence of reactive airway disease in animals.

Our easy to handle, high compression bag contains 60 litres (compressed) and provides approximately 120 litres of uncompressed volume. The fully sealed, recyclable plastic bag ensures that the quality of the wood shavings is maintained at all times. As a general guide bag weight can be between 12kg and 14kg, but this can vary.  

Bags are stacked at either 24 bags or 30 bags per pallet.

The shavings can be reused as organic fertilizer once finished with.

Triple sieved for minimum dust

Fully sealed for maximum freshness